These positions are eligible for Off Campus Activity Credits! And 3sPA's program leaders will be happy to provide our interns with letters of recommendation for a job well done as you prepare to embark on your next milestone in life - college!
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About The Show

13 is a hilarious pop musical with a big mission: to remind the world that becoming a teenager is not a piece of cake! Turning 13 is more than discovering acne - it's about finding out who you are, finding out what you need, and finding out what’s really important. This is the story about Evan Goldman. He turns 13 in just 6 short weeks, a huge milestone in any kid's life. But not so for Evan! A die-hard, native New Yorker, he’s just been plucked from the Big Apple and plopped in Appleton, Indiana with his mother. His folks are divorced, the new kids are likely all hicks, and the choice girl is dating the school bully. But he's set on one goal: get all the cool kids in school to come to his Bar Mitzvah, or else spend the rest of his Indiana days banished to the land of the "honest to goodness" Geeks. Hey, if Moses can part the Red Sea....

How The Summer Youth Theater Collaborative Works

In the
Performance Program for actors, enrolled participants auditioned on July 1, with call backs on July 2 (both days, 10am-1pm), and casting was announced on July 7, the first day of the program. Rehearsals began that same day.

In a fun-filled daily schedule, actors learn and review musical numbers, character development, and blocking as the show shapes up day by day, and week by week. Musical direction is extremely rigorous and will yield astounding results and truly boost vocal confidence. Direction, character development work, and exciting theater exercises offer art-enhancing breakthroughs that participants will not soon forget as they continue to hone their skills in performance. 

Check out the names of our performance participants!

The Technical Program trains enrolled participants in the behind-the-scenes aspects of theater production including sound & lighting, stage management, set design and directing. Participants meet for 4 weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for approximately 2 hours per day. Participants work with our creative team mentors who are experienced in the various aspects of theater production. Each participant is assigned his/her position for the actual production. Sessions will also include industry-style production meetings with director, musical director, stage manager and producer; as well as sitting in on rehearsals to take notes and observe the development of the musical and how this influences their creative or administrative work, and vice-versa. In turn, actors will interact with designers, and both groups will witness the physical production grow from preliminary sketches and rehearsals, to reality. 

Internship Program offers a limited number of leadership intern positions for our Summer Youth Theater Collaborative. These positions are in all Production Departments. Interested candidates applied to assist our staff Designers, Music Director, Choreographer, Director, and Stage Manager for a summer full of creativity and fun. Meet our amazing interns for the production of 13:

contact us via email:
13 is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. 
421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019    
Phone: 212-541-4684  Fax: 212-397-4684
Stage Scene and Song Performing Arts reserves the right to cancel or change our production schedule and show selection with advanced notice to our participants and families should the need arise.


The goal of 3sPA is surely all about collaborating and making sure every participant shines in one way or another.
Joel Noonan, participant
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed 13. I was blown away by Dean and Patrick. They really grew as performers! My jaw dropped when Dean sang in the opening number--kudos to Argine! Patrick was poised and much more confident physically--kudos to you, Frank! However, I am even more impressed with how they have grown personally and socially. This was a really big deal for these young men! Thank you for your passion, commitment to the craft, and generosity!
With Thanks,
Stephanie Nichols Buckley, Theater Teacher, Park Ridge Schools
The 3spA production company is very professional and did a great job preparing the cast for the show. It was a great success, a great experience for my daughter, and lots of fun to be a part of. 

Please contact us at:
Stage Scene & Song Performing Arts
River Vale NJ 07675
Phone: 201-968-5333

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Thank you so much for the internship opportunity this summer! I had so much fun working on this production and I learned so much! I was so proud of every one's hard work when I finally got to watch the production from the lighting booth, the show was amazing.This was such a great experience and I cannot thank you all enough for having given me this opportunity.
Thanks again,Abby Light

From left to right:
Amanda Miller, Music; Abby Light, Set Design/Props/Lighting; Vittoria Fronte, Choreography; Erin Browning, Production;
Jillian Rezen, Acting

By Jason Robert Brown and Dan Elish

Ages 12 and up
July 7 through August 3, 2014

The Summer Youth Theater Collaborative is a thrilling 4-week program for teens 12 and up that meets 5 days a week, 6 hours a day (10am-4pm), from July 7th through August 1, 2014 with performances on August 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The program culminates in a fully realized stage production of 13, with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown and book by Dan Elish. Participants will find there’s a role for each of them, be it on stage or behind the scenes.

Summer Youth Theater Collaborative is made up of 3 components - the Performance Program, the Technical Program, and the High School Internship Program. Together, these Programs will work together to mount our production of 13! Thus, it truly becomes a Youth Theater Collaborative! Read on for details about each program.

The show dates are August 1st and August 2nd @ 7:00pm, and August 3rd @ 1pm. All rehearsals and performances will be at the awesome theater of Pascack Hills High School, 225 W. Grand Avenue, Montvale, NJ.

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