Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 2013

Stage Scene & Song Perfoming Arts 2013 Summer Collaborative for teens ages 12-18, proudly presented Dirty Rotten Scoundrels by Jeffrey Lane and David Yazbek, August 2, 3, and 4, 2013 at Pascack Hills High School, Montvale NJ. Based on the popular 1988 film, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels centers on two con men living on the French Riviera. Lawrence Jameson makes his lavish living by talking rich ladies out of their money. Freddy Benson more humbly swindles women by waking their compassion with fabricated stories about his grandmother's failing health. After meeting on a train, they attempt to work together only to find that this small French town isn't big enough for the two of them. They agree on a settlement: the first one to extract $50,000 from a young female target, heiress Christine Colgate, wins and the other must leave town. A hilarious battle of cons ensues that will keep audiences laughing, humming and guessing to the end!

"The company was *so* solid.  SERIOUSLY.  I saw these actors in very specific moments, totally in the world of Beaumont sur Mer. There's the clich√© of the kid in the school production who kind of just wanders and fidgets and looks around until it's time to say his line - that was totally not seen here.  At all.  Your cast was on cue and seriously focused, in every scene. Just such a great show, and the whole gang deserves major credit .
Jeff Essex, Actor (Andre, Freddy, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels National Tour)

Starring (In Alphabetical Order): Riya Arun, Erin Browning, Maggie Capone, Justin Culshaw, Kim Culshaw, Isabella Fronte, Vittoria Fronte, Joel Noonan, Patrick O'Hare Barrows, Calvin Rezen, Jillian Rezen, and Lauren Song. The participants represent five junior and senior high schools in Bergen County including Pascack Valley H.S., Riverdell H.S., Bergen County Academies, The Village School and George White Middle School.Directed by Frank Avellino with Musical Direction by Argine Safari. Scenic Design by Ellyn Essig and Frank Avellino. Costumes by Ruth Morley. Props by Barbra Murtha and Pat Bain.

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